Data Ingestion Benchmark Comparison between PostgreSQL and MongoDB

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Choosing between PostgreSQL and MongoDB is highly dependent on the unique requirements of your business. However, there are factors such as data complexity, query patterns, and the importance of features like indexing and data integrity that should be considered while making the decision.

To understand the extent of their capabilities, we conducted an extensive study to examine the data insertion performance in both PostgreSQL and MongoDB especially to examine the utilization of their respective JSONB and BSON data types. 

We identified strengths and challenges inherent to each database and offered practical insights for optimal utilization based on:

  • Versatility and Reliability
  • Scalability and Growth
  • Considerations for Use Cases
  • Application-Specific Decision Making
This study uncovered nuanced insights into the performance dynamics of both databases across various benchmarks. You can learn more in detail by downloading the whitepaper.