Success Story

Ventrata – Migration and Performance Tuning

One-Stop-Shop for Tourism Industry

Ventrata is a complete integrated solution provider for the tourism industry’s sales and online ticketing. As a part of its services, Ventrata provides the promise of simplicity, efficiency, and scalability while catering to business-specific needs. 

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The company has expanded to over 96 countries in the past 7 years and during this ongoing expansion, Ventrata realized the need for performance upgrades for their system.

The Problem 

Ventrata, to achieve maximum performance gains, switched to AlloyDB from CloudSQL. Over time, the situation deteriorated as query execution times increased from less than 5 ms to 50 ms. This performance degradation was not acceptable for the scale-up and was an antithesis of one of their core values i.e. agility.  

The Stormatics team was brought in to fix the performance issue at hand. The team reviewed system parameters and query planning metrics in detail. The following problems were determined:

  • Virtually all of the time was spent on planning the queries. This time delay affected both newly created tables as well as tables with newly created partitions.
  • There was an unusually high number of Object identifiers (OIDs) being used, which was expected, however, AlloyDB had a bug that was further aggravating these issues.

The Stormatics Solution

The Stormatics team provided Ventrata with the recommendation to move back to CloudSQL with a complete evaluation of the risks involved. The team planned the migration and selected a logical replication-based approach. Despite an initial acceptable downtime of 30 minutes, the Stormatics team impressively completed the migration in under 2 minutes. 

"Stormatics consultants are committed to excellence which is evident in their services. When we reached out to them, they promptly identified and confirmed a performance-degrading bug in AlloyDB and proposed an effective workaround over the weekend. Their recommendation of moving back to CloudSQL and facilitation of a seamless migration, completed in two minutes even though we gave them a 30-minute maintenance window, further exemplifies their top-tier service. "

- Oliver Morgan, CEO

Performance tuning of the CloudSQL instance was done post-migration to match the benefits associated with AlloyDB leading to maximum performance. 


The collaboration between Ventrata and Stormatics has resulted in a remarkable success. By swiftly addressing the performance challenges, Ventrata is now positioned for continued growth and expansion with an enhanced and more capable system.

Why Stormatics?

Planning on enhancing your database performance? Our team of vendor-agnostic experts is ready to help. We provide bespoke performance-tuning services that are in line with your business requirements. Our packaged service includes:

  • Detailed analysis of the system
  • Optimization recommendations based on usage patterns
  • Time-limited engagement with quick-win implementation

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